The Pant Project Back Story

Teresa started what she deemed “The Pant Project,” her mission to change the frustration of pant shopping into a love of ease and style, as well as helping every woman save time finding the Perfect Fitting pant – finally!

Why you ask? Well, let’s take look at how we lost “fit.”

That means doing a brief historical review of how it is that you came to be an off the rack shopper.

Before there were shopping malls and “off the rack” cookie-cutter options men and women shopped in couture boutiques or had “dressmakers.” And designers were producing clothing for the middle to upper class and everyone was accustomed to having things sewn for them as part of life. Even before that there were only a few dressmakers producing our clothing or the house seamstress was.

And when it came to who was wearing what or what was “in,” the only thing we gossiped and bragged about at parities was where in the world fabrics where found or shipped. Fabrics were fashionable and were a part of defining your status in society, not what size your were or if you bought it online or from a specific design house. Now, fast forward to today…

You can by anything online, made cheaply anywhere in the world and wether or not if fits, or falls apart are issues which are driving people crazy!

The service for creating custom clothing needs to be revived and reinvented. The social elements of shopping and wondering malls are not for everyone. The housing of production and fittings and an education about learning to dress is being brought to life through the knowledge and creative mind of designer Teresa Lindsay and her many years dressing women of all sizes and ages.

The future of fabrics is ever changing and so is every woman’s sense of style and taste.
Teresa is customizing her line of clothing starting with pants to the women she is dressing. With hand picked fabrics of the best quality, natural fibres and unique patterns on pant designs that fit all areas life. She searches for the fabrics that compliment you!

For more details on the individual Tribute trousers styles and descriptions click here.

This approach with communicating with her via email, by phone, or in person will give you personal shopping experience that will change how you feel about clothing and your confidence.

Women who seek originality, exclusivity, value and quality products that last are going to fall in love with Teresa’s work.

If you would like to experience a private fitting in the Victoria area during a retreat to Vancouver Island or if you are looking to host your own Tailored Pant Party Exclusive for the women in your life, please contact Teresa’s team of style experts and fit specialists by emailing:
teresa (minus the space) to book now!

Private Fittings
Group Fittings for you and 5 friends
Event Fitting for you and 10 or more women

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