Educate Yourself About The Fashion Industry


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Photo credit: The True Cost

As a developed country we have a long way to go to claim such a title and are only starting to understand how we effect the undeveloped world. Our economic system needs a complete revamp. Our effects on the planet with the push for beauty or status – to own “things or have lots of cheap clothing to look good” has created the second largest pollution generator.

Take the challenge – vote with your dollar by lessening consumption, expanding a versatile wardrobe full of eco-friendly and locally designed clothing and support companies producing fashion who are paying more for quality to pay fair wages in other countries to balance out their economic situation and standard of living without saturation or depletion.

Our brand Teresa Lindsay Couture looks to us up-cycled  fabrics, eco-printed, eco-fibre and is researching methods constantly – however access is challenging and costly for a start-up. Educated consumers are key to the whole process. Educated consumers know:
– it takes approximately 1 hour – 2 hours to sew a pair of pants and 35 mins to cut it out. And 1.2 yards of fabric.
– at minimum Canadian wage that’s $24 approx in manufacturing/sewing + $7.50 for cutting, $2.50 for the zipper and button and any where from $12.00 per yard to $45.oo per yard of fabric.
– and you must take into consideration marketing, retail staff, store fixtures, and management.
– consumers in the end should have a quality product to last them years that isn’t a TREND, but original and is suitable for multiple looks and occasions and costs them $150-$190 or more.
– educated consumers also know they will not wear it once, wash it, and see it fall apart.

#GeoFashion designs are created with the maximum use of fabric in mind, reduction of waste, and use of remnants for fibre stuffing. Made in Canada.

For a complete eye opening experience to educate yourself and your children watch: