Pure Luxury. GeoFragrance.

Teresa Lindsay sultry romantic Fragrances I + I = TWO, “each independently tempting, further enhanced when coupled.”

All natural fragrance that enliven the senses!
These bold and beautiful combinations of GEOFragrance are whole, pure essence of the ingredients.

Teresa Lindsay fragrance palette of natural scent ingredients are customized for Teresa in various ways by our perfumery experts for any one of these and future fragrances:

Turkish Rose Damascena, Moroccan rose centifolia, labdanum resin, Indian jasmine grandiflorum, Saffron, Italian myrtle, oakmoss, cabreuva wood, sandalwood, blood orange, red mandarin, bergamot, Japanese yuzu peel and Shiso, cottonwood resin, balsam fir, cognac, Sicilian lemon, Clove absolute, pink pepper, clary sage, hibiscus seed ambrette, rose geranium and Madagascar vanilla.


 I + Essence of Summer


 I = Essence of Summer

Bonus PAIRED Fragrance –   I + I = TWO = An entire new fragrance!
Teresa Lindsay’s two seasonal all natural fragrances combine to create a third fragrance when rubbed or worn on the forearm while holding hands – the two scents intertwine.
We highly recommend that you use a small dab to a cool area of skin (such as forearm but not wrist) to last longer. And to allow the fragrance to settle for 30 minutes. Then, couple the fragrance hold hands and share the scents in the same space or gently rub together.


Free paired sample – Teresa’s gift to you with each $500 purchase.

How We Created I+I=II

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