SS2016 Couture Line “Siren”

Introducing the SS2016 Couture Line “Siren” by Victoria Designer Teresa Lindsay.

All her fabrics and designs are part of the concept she’s coined GEOFASHION- assembling garments of various shapes into wearable lifestyle dressing

  • design processes are all low-waste and maximum use of fabric as produced!

Teresa’s first passion for every collection stems from fabric! Textures such as silk chiffon, refurbished fibres organics, and unique – even crazy textiles. A fabric weight, feel, colour, and drape, dictates what Teresa designs next. And often she incorporates other medium such as stainless steal!

By 2017 Teresa’s collection will be sourced globally from advanced eco-friendly mills, using natural fibre and dye facilities to reduce the harmful effects dyes have on our global waters. Fabric mills in India, Italy and organics in Canada!

Her unbounded imagination and sense of style are key offering women of all sizes and ages enjoy the pleasure of feminine dressing. Nothing cookie cutter or PRÊT-À-PORTER here!!

She’s worked years in teaching women about body types and hope women can see the value in learning and loving to dress – so they can imagine they are floating, wearing dresses and fashions to turn heads, or wear gliding from the gangway off their luxury yacht!!

Worn alone or layered with organic stretch cottons her line is incredibly comfortable, luxurious, and one of a kind!



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