Women Who Own It


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“Women who OWN IT” is designed to celebrate women who OWN what they do and inspire others through their drive, passion, human connection, stellar talent and powerhouse grace to get done whatever it is they love!

What do you OWN totally? What passion, hobby, career, talent or work in the world makes you feel whole?

What inspires us is unique. Each of  the women we featured is incredible in their own way – each is doing what they love and they OWN IT!  They have overcome obstacles or gone beyond and Teresa would like to pay tribute to them, creating a special day to transform them for a few hours. Dressed in the Tribute Trouser collection they try on all the various pant designs, have their make up done by our clean cosmetic partners Elate Cosmetics, time to dance in their favourite pants for a photo shoot and wrap up the day telling their own story on how fashion impacted their self-confidence. Watch for their motivating stories every month!

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Maria Mana is a singing sensation and one of those hidden gems in her home town Victoria! With an outstanding voice and talent that moves the soul the amazing career of Maria’s has taken her all over the globe and she has met some pretty famous people along the way. Maria is an inspiration for many reasons including helping kick off the first Vancouver Island’s Got Talent contest supporting up and coming artists.

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Christina Morrison went salsa dancing one day and never looked back! She went on start her own troop which she took to the perform in New York and to the World’s in Puerto Rico! Christina trains and takes troops every year – people with sometimes little or no experience. To her belt of accomplishments she is also the only Canadian certified by the World Salsa University and is a certified judge.

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Aisling “girl got legs” model extraordinaire started to travel for professional modelling around the world in recents years. With lots of international magazine covers we will never see here, we would also like to celebrate her ongoing support to TLC from the beginning and her sensational talent of transitioning through poses seamlessly and in record time! On top of her modelling, Aisling happens to be the marketing agent for a Wedding Magazine! Where does she find the time?

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Carolyne Taylor’s gracious nature is only the surface of this huge community connector for women. Involved in organizing many monthly events this talented people person has the gift of celebration. Within her circles, women can feel safe to open up to new ideas, find new connections, start projects, listen to world famous authors and begin a friendship – check out yoUnlimited. Carolyne loves starting things herself and is the founder, among many things, of the Victoria Yoga Conference where women and men from around the globe flock for an island experience of a very unique kind!