Women are Not a Number, Designer Teresa Lindsay

Fashion Designer Teresa Lindsay made it her mission to demonstrate to women that the outer facade and image standards of society have no power over their inner beauty. Working to enhance self-esteem by discussing relevant fashion conversation on important subjects, history, proper fitting fashions and global production issues she gives an insider perspective. Lindsay makes the matter of “Clothes Fitting the Woman” a focus in her sizeless line of couture, made-to-measure fashion options and a collection of pants made to fit the woman.

She encourages women to be less concerned about their size and height and to become concerned about their contribution to the world by feeling great in what they wear. ” Comfort and feeling together” is so much better than misfitting clothing and clothing that cannot keep up with you doing whatever you do!”

Teresa Lindsay couture is eco-conscious, sustainably and ethically produced in North America – view our TLC ABOUT Video to LEARN more!

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About Tribute Trousers

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Our female video team:

Video by: PaperHeartFilms, Chelsea Kanstrup
Assistant: Cady Brimacombe
BTS photos: Annemarie Photography

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WIN PANTS – “Own Your Stride” Event

WIN a Pair of Bespoke Pants Ladies!

1 Pant, 3 Friends = 1 Free Bespoke Pant!*

October “Own Your Stride” Event:
The first 4 Ladies in VICTORIA BC
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*With any number of purchases
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A Pant Party is super convenient, at home,
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Not valid with any other offer or promo code.

Outside Victoria BC?  Message us and we will
connect you with a stylist in your area.

Style Shown: Slim Leg Exclusive Soft Cord, Winter White

Legs in Limos

Legs in Limos is our newest celebration of “freedom dressing” starting April 30th 2017!
And you have a chance to JOIN US! All the ladies who purchase (1) or more pair of Tribute Trouser before the end of the month (April 30th 2017 midnight)  will be scheduled for a Legs and Limo Night with our founder and head designer Teresa Lindsay. Together everyone cruises off for a fun filled evening of conversation and celebration in their liberating new pants! Tour the city and discover new friendships.

Schedule your Tribute Trouser fitting or tailored trouser trunk show for you and up to 10 friends – a pant party in your own home or office!
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Spring Shi

VOTE for Your Favourite Dress
and YOU could WIN!

We would love to know which dress YOU think should be the next cover shot for our campaign “Shi Dress Collection” 2017.

Share THIS LINK (https://fashion.teresalindsay.com/spring-shi/) on Facebook and tag @TeresaLindsayCouture. Tell us why you think YOUR FAVOURITE Dress should be the next cover!

One lucky voter will be selected to win a $150 gift certificate and a ticket to The Fashion Exhibition April 8th!
The Collection to be presented onsite at the Exhibition for all attendees to get a first hand look at these one-of-a-kind pieces. See you there!

Samurai Shi Dress

Red Lady Shi Dress

Egyptian Shi Dress

Summer Shi Dress

Reversible Shi Dress

Sweater Shi Dress

Women Who Own It

“Women who OWN IT” is designed to celebrate women who OWN what they do and inspire others through their drive, passion, human connection, stellar talent and powerhouse grace to get done whatever it is they love!

What do you OWN totally? What passion, hobby, career, talent or work in the world makes you feel whole?

What inspires us is unique. Each of  the women we featured is incredible in their own way – each is doing what they love and they OWN IT!  They have overcome obstacles or gone beyond and Teresa would like to pay tribute to them, creating a special day to transform them for a few hours. Dressed in the Tribute Trouser collection they try on all the various pant designs, have their make up done by our clean cosmetic partners Elate Cosmetics, time to dance in their favourite pants for a photo shoot and wrap up the day telling their own story on how fashion impacted their self-confidence. Watch for their motivating stories every month!

teresa inspiring owmen-9724

Maria Mana is a singing sensation and one of those hidden gems in her home town Victoria! With an outstanding voice and talent that moves the soul the amazing career of Maria’s has taken her all over the globe and she has met some pretty famous people along the way. Maria is an inspiration for many reasons including helping kick off the first Vancouver Island’s Got Talent contest supporting up and coming artists.

teresa inspiring owmen-9965

Christina Morrison went salsa dancing one day and never looked back! She went on start her own troop which she took to the perform in New York and to the World’s in Puerto Rico! Christina trains and takes troops every year – people with sometimes little or no experience. To her belt of accomplishments she is also the only Canadian certified by the World Salsa University and is a certified judge.

teresa inspiring owmen-9883

Aisling “girl got legs” model extraordinaire started to travel for professional modelling around the world in recents years. With lots of international magazine covers we will never see here, we would also like to celebrate her ongoing support to TLC from the beginning and her sensational talent of transitioning through poses seamlessly and in record time! On top of her modelling, Aisling happens to be the marketing agent for a Wedding Magazine! Where does she find the time?

teresa inspiring owmen-9615

Carolyne Taylor’s gracious nature is only the surface of this huge community connector for women. Involved in organizing many monthly events this talented people person has the gift of celebration. Within her circles, women can feel safe to open up to new ideas, find new connections, start projects, listen to world famous authors and begin a friendship – check out yoUnlimited. Carolyne loves starting things herself and is the founder, among many things, of the Victoria Yoga Conference where women and men from around the globe flock for an island experience of a very unique kind!


Teresa Lindsay Couture would like to thank all the models, volunteers, sponsors, and Victoria Fashion Week organizers for making the first Victoria Fashion Week a success!

Media Sponsor @Victoria Fashion Magazine for the exclusive issue for the show.
Cosmetic Sponsor @Elate Cosmetics
Model Agency Sponsor @Coultish Management
Hair Team @Hunt & Gather Salon

Images by:
@Timothy West Photography
@Al Smith

Hint: Hover your mouse over the images to get full colour!
Centre Runway by @Al Smith

Centre stage right by @Timothy West
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Image by @Al Smith


Images by Timothy West

32977316632_ec080046cc_z (1)

#SS2017 #VicFW

Announcing Victoria finally has it’s own fashion week. Teresa Lindsay Couture is showcasing the latest red carpet looks in her collection and incorporating the most influential tailored pant campaign in Canada – Tribute Trousers. There are six carefully selected pieces for the show and plans to be a breath taking series of dresses with surprising twists and traditionally casual fabrics created into evening wear.

The runway fashion show promises to be sold out and will summarize a week of boutique fashion events throughout the city, including; flash sales, fashion film night, and VIP party.

Media partner Victoria Fashion Magazine is contributing a video introduction to the week featuring Teresa Lindsay Couture as well as candid designer interviews in an exclusive Victoria Fashion Week Issue.

For more details visit the Victoria Fashion Week Facebook Page.


Teresa Dresses-               Teresa Dresses-8845

Preview Tribute Trousers

After a year of fabric forging, production tribulations, and design masterminding with a skilled team of seamstresses and pattern makers Teresa Lindsay Couture proudly announces the preview of Tribute Trousers made in Canada!

This month a handful of lucky style testers will convene at a gorgeous, private luxury location in Victoria BC proper for the first peek at the latest pant collection by Teresa Lindsay, Tribute Trousers. Fifteen VIP’s are going to experience an introduction to the important concepts and fabric selection made to shape the next generation of pants.

Tribute Trousers are customizable to every woman. Victoria based fashion designer Teresa Lindsay provides an eco conscious, time saving alternative to shopping for pants without concern for size. Tribute Trousers consists of her own three favourite classic pant designs which suit any woman’s lifestyle and are tailored to every body during private or group “Pant Party” fittings. Teresa’s philosophy is that; “clothing should fit women and not the other way around,” aims to elevate women’s consciousness around their body image and fashion.

Tribute Trouser fittings allow you the freedom in to discover your own perfect fit with made-to-measure comfortable, breathable pants in less time than it would take you to find a parking spot at a mall.

Read more…

Email teresa @teresalindsay.com (minus the space) to receive an invitation to the coming Exclusive SPRING PANT PARTY LAUNCH, in the heart of beautiful Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island!

“We want you in our pants!”

Live Performance

Teresa Lindsay Couture recently designed a customized dress for signer songwriter Felicia Harding of the band Isobel Trigger for their performance last week opening for The Tourist Company. Dynamic and captivating Harding shook the club, Upstair Cabaret with her stunning vocal range and unique reverberation. The dress complimented her every move and Teresa couldn’t be more thrilled to work with the talented and inspiring local music scene!

Isobel T and Teresa Dress-7327

Isobel T and Teresa Dress-8133

Isobel T and Teresa Dress-8222

Isobel T and Teresa Dress-7275


Isobel T and Teresa Dress-7573

Slow Fashion? Isn’t Slow

You may have heard this term “slow fashion.” What is behind a label that takes this process to heart? Do you understand what it means. Is it slow? The term originated by Kate Fletcher of Centre for Sustainable Fashion, UK, in 2007, and is more than a movement – it takes a very serious look at the use of fashion and the clothing we wear everyday as an important “whole” process. It’s one step above the thought “if you want something to wear make it yourself.” Which, is exactly what the poor, middle to lower upper class used to do (right up until the 20’s) verses the upper class who had an in house dressmaker.
Trends of clothing and the latest runway show broadcast through the heightened media continuously set off a storm of desire for certain new seasonal look. Then mass production has had to meet this overwhelming global demand for a garment (primarily set by large retailers to entice shoppers to constantly keep up with the Jones’). However, quality and labour standards dropped significantly as “fast fashion” became a way for more affordable to the western world so shoppers found something cheap, but this was happening at a price and made only a few men very wealthy. “No matter the cost” became a world wide issue with destructive methods to our environment and poverty in production amassed.
Slow fashion is actually an term to explain that clothing takes time, that there is a cost to each step and the actual time in producing a garment fairly without setting the system off balance. Slow fashion, is often made local, or in your country, or made in a safe and fair wage facility offshore, and made with fabrics of quality, reducing the likelihood of continuing the negative, waste-not-want-not trend of “disposable fashion.”

How long do you think it takes to buy the fabric, cut and sew a single pair of pants?

Here are a few links we found helpful:

Read up on slow fashion.

Read up on other brands of slow fashion.

Open your eyes to the True Cost of fashion.
Legal notation: Teresa Lindsay Couture is not an advocate or spokesperson for any of the above links, products, or services. This is not an endorsement. TLC is in no way affiliated with the above contacts or links nor responsible for any of their communications, business actions, dealings, or campaigns.

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